Bertrand Steens

Bertrand Steens started his career back in 2001, around 9/11 in a hotel in Brussels.


The recession in the travel industry after 9/11 forced him however quite soon to look for another sector.


This provided the opportunity to give it a try in his old time love: ICT.

As a self learner, he had already developed his own network back home with routing and shared  printer and storage services for all computers from his family.

Despite his short time in hospitality industry, he learned some valuable lessons about being service minded and managing expectations of high demanding customers.


This allowed him to start at Linklaters, a magic circle law firm, working for the world's leading lawyers!

Starting as a helpdesk operator, he quickly gained knowledge and experience about common corporate IT infrastructures in general as well as law firm specific applications.


Over the years his job evolved from a junior help desk position to a senior system engineer, highly valued amongst his peers across Europe.


Along the years, many interesting challenges have crossed his path: pbx migrations, opening new offices abroad, office moves,...


Meanwhile, he formalized his experience and knowledge by getting a two-year post bachelor degree in IT management, which he completed as top 10% of his class.


After seven years, Bertrand found new challenges at another international law firm, Jones Day. Working closely with the Regional IT manager for Europe, Bert took care of the Brussels branch where he focused on cost saving, finding cost effective solutions to develop support to the office and supporting all infrastructure within the Brussels branch.


Currently he is starting and developing his own business so that other companies can benefit from this wealth of experience.


Being raised in Dutch as well as French alike, Bert has also acquired excellent knowledge in English. He also has notions of German and Spanish


For a comprehensive list of what he has done in the past 15 years, please download his CV here.